Saturday, February 25, 2006

Wagon Wheels Skinny Scarf

If you find any problems with the pattern let me know

Wagon Wheels Skinny Scarf

I used Red Heart SS yarn and size G hook, but it will probaby work with whatever yarn and hook you want to use.Probably about 1 1/2 ounces main color (MC) and small amount white.

Shell = (dc, ch1) 3 times, and dc- all in same space.Long SC= working over sc of previous row below-- insert hook into same stitch as sc worked in row below, yo and pull yarn up to current row level, yo and through both loops on hook.

Pattern- With MC chain 243, work shell in 4th chain from hook. *Skip next 2 chains, sc in next ch, skip next 2 chains work shell in next chain - Work from * across , after last shell chain 1 and continue working in pattern on opposite side of foundation chain--- having shell in same chain as shell on previous side and sc in same chain as sc on previous side.
join in 3rd chain of beginning ch 4. Fasten off.

Edging:Join white in any chain 1 space at end of scarf, chain 1, sc in same space as joining. * chain 2, sc in next chain 1 sp, work from * to last ch 1 space of shell, ch 2, work a long sc over sc of scarf and into foundation chain. Chain 2 repeat from * around. Join, fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Pattern copyrighted Diane Buyers/Stormy'z Crochet 2006.Feel free to save this pattern and to make this pattern for personal use, but do not sell or claim this pattern as your own.

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