Monday, March 27, 2006

Easter Egg Placemat

Easter Egg Placemat

Finished size is about 12 and 1/2 inches long.

You will need:
WW yarn- about 2 oz. Main Color
Small amount white
Small amount contrasting color for ribbon
Yarn needle
Crochet hook G (for placemat)Crochet hook J (for ribbon)

Stitch Notes:

Shell (sh) = Sc, ch3 and sc all in space indicated.
Increase Shell (Inc Sh) = (sc, ch3) twice, and sc all in space indicated.
Decrease Shell (Dec Sh) = Sc in ch-3 space of next sh, ch 1, sc in ch-3 space of next sh.


Row 1: Using MC yarn and crochet hook G, chain 23, work sh in 2nd chainfrom hook, *skip next 2 chains and work sh in next chain, repeat from * to end, chain 1, turn. (8 sh made)

Row 2: (Inc row) Work Inc Sh in chain 3 sp of next sh, work a sh in chain 3 sp of each remaining sh until the last sh, work an Inc sh in last sh, chain 1, turn. (10 sh made)

Row 3: Work a sh in ch-3 space of each sh across, chain 1, turn.

Row 4: Repeat row 2. (12 sh made)

Rows 5 - 14: Repeat row 3.

Row 15: (Dec Row) Sc in ch-3 space of next sh, ch 1, sc in ch-3 space of next sh (dec made) being careful not to work in same ch-sp as last sc made, work a sh in next 8 sh and work a dec sh over last 2 shs, ch 1 turn. (8 sh and 2 ch=1 sps)

Rows 16 - 18: Repeat row 3.

Row 19: Repeat row 15. (8 sh)

Rows 20 - 21: Repeat row 3.

Row 22: Rep row 15. (6 sh)

Row 23: Repeat row 3.
Row 24: Repeat row 15. (4 sh)

Row 25: (Work sc in ch-3 space of next sh, ch 1, sc in next ch- 3 sp of next sh)twice, ch 1, turn (2 chain 1 spaces)

Row 26: Work a sh in each chain 1 sp across, chain 1, turn. (2 sh)

Rnd 27:(mark first sc as beginning sc) Sc in ch- 3 sp of next sh, chain 3, sc in ch-3 sp of next sh, chain 3, *do not turn*, continue along outer edge of placemat and work *sc in edge of next row, chain 3, rep from * until you reach the beginning chain, work sc in the first chain of beginning chain (chain 3, sk 2 chains, sc in next chain) until last chain of beginning chain, chain 3.Continuing up the final side of placemat work from * to end, join in beginning sc of rnd 27, fasten off.

With crochet hook G and white yarn.Join yarn in any chain 3 space, chain 1, work sh in same sp as joining and in eachchain 3 space around, join in first sc, fasten off.
Weave in loose ends.

With CC and hook J, chain 150, fasten off. Starting where you would like bow to beplaced, weave chain through the chain 3 spaces of rnd 27.
Tie ends into a bow.

Pattern copyrighted Diane Buyers/Stormy'z Crochet 2006. Feel free to save this pattern and to make this pattern for personal use, but do not sell or claim this pattern as your own.


Maria said...

Oh how cute, I want to try this pattern to go with the pillows I made. Thanks for the pattern!!!

Bettie said...

This pattern is just perfect. We are having a reunion with my husbands only living relatives, a neice and nephew whom we haven't seen in over 18 years. have just found out that between them there are 5 children between the ages of 2 & 13. these will look just great on the table for Easter Dinner.
Thank you for allowing me to have the pattern to make them for this occasion

Karen DeCarr said...

I crocheted this placemat, when I got to row 19 it all went under!! The rows did not match up with the instructions...I tore it out 3 times and it still came the same I just continued where it showed how many I had in the row!! Very confusing instructions!!