Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May have to close my crochet forum

I may have to close my crochet forum, there has been no activity for a while now and I feel silly posting on a forum to myself!

If anyone is interested in joining you're more than welcome....I will be deleting it in a few days otherwise.


knittenkitten said...

i hope i'm not too late before you decide to close your blog...i just learned how to do this and i was looking for someone who had an easter egg pillow that i could knit but i saw yours on this site...don't ask me how i found you in PC land...i did by accident. Anyway i saw your pillows on display and i love them...can i crochet them? Do i have to pay...???? let me know...knittenkittencatlover

Diane said...

Hi Knittenkitten, love your screen name!!

I am not closing my blog, I was referring to a forum/message board I created to share crochet talk and ideas with other crocheters...

You can make any of my patterns on my blog and they are free :) I am so happy you like my patterns, hope you enjoy them!!